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QS - Rotary Cutter - Quilters Select

Item #: QS-ROTARY 45mm

Price:  $ 57.99 
Out of Stock

Item #: QS-RB45M-1 (1PK)

Price:  $ 6.49 
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Item #: QS-RB45M-5 (5PK)

Price:  $ 24.99 
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Item #: QS-ROTARY 60mm

Price:  $ 64.99 
Out of Stock

Item #: QS-RB60M-1 (1PK)

Price:  $ 12.99 
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Item #: QS-RB60M-3 (3PK)

Price:  $ 31.99 
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This 45mm cutter has an innovative ambidextrous design that ensures precise cutting along a ruler in either your left or right hand. In addition, the unique and easy magnetic blade replacement means you’ll never drop a blade again! Replacement blades available in packs of 1 blade or 5 blades.

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1 Blade Replacement Pack

5 Blade Replacement Pack

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